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Engelhart Gourmet Foods, Inc. was established in the early 20th century. The Schwarz family founded Frommer & Schwarz – known today as Schwarz Fine Sausage – in 1911.

1911 Across the street on Mission

When John Engelhart grew up next to a small butcher shop in Allmendingen Germany, he knew his future was working with meats. At 14, he began a traditional German butcher apprenticeship program — a six day a week program that included schooling and hands-on training. In 1959, at age 20, John’s aunt sponsored his coming to America. While living in San Francisco, John’s aunt introduced him to her husband’s niece, Margaret. One year later, they married.


1987 Margeret, John and Rob Engelhart

1989 Home Sausage


1911 Schwarz

1911 Schwarz Buidling, across the street from Home Sausage on Mission

Margaret’s father, Ted Wetzel was a butcher and sausagemaker who founded Home Sausage with his partner, Mr. Heim, in 1928 (note: Heim means home in German.) John and Margaret bought into the business in 1962 and in 1982, they took control of the company after buying out the last partner.

1987 Distribution Center 1726 Mission Street, San Francisco

In 1998, the Engelhart’s purchased another great San Francisco sausage company, Schwarz Sausage. Home Sausage also added Oakland-based LePique-Nique poultry sausage in 1999 to its family of brands.

2004 Ann Engelhart

Together, the combined company – now known as Engelhart Gourmet Foods, Inc. – continues to make the finest sausage including traditional German and gourmet poultry sausages. It’s brands include Schwarz, Home, Le Pique-Nique and Leon’s BBQ.

2004 New facility at 2475 Courage Dr., Fairfield, CA 94533