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Schwarz Fine Sausages

The Schwarz brand of sausage provides a robust line of German favorites. From its award-winning 49er frank to the brats and bologna, we’ve got the sausage for you. Made from recipes honed over three generations, each Schwarz sausage adds an explosion of taste to any meal. Serve Schwarz sausage grilled, barbequed, roasted or with pastas and stews.

Schwarz ...The Taste that Sizzles.

Engelhart Gourmet Foods. With a century of taste and three generations of experience, family owned and operated, Engelhart Gourmet knows sausage.

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Some of the product labels are shown below:


Product Line
Available in one and five pound packages.

• Andouille
• Bangers
• Beef Skinless
• Beef Franks

• Beef Polish (see Polish)
• Bockwurst
• Bologna
• Bratwurst - Smoked
• Braunschweiger (see Liverwurst)
• British Bangers (see Bangers)
• Cajun Sausage
• California Beef Frankfurter
• Cheesefurters
• Cooked Salami (see Salami)
• 49er All Beef Hot Dog (see Beef Skinless)
• 49er All Beef Franks (see Beef Franks)
• Frankfurters
• Frankfurters - Skinless
• Garlic Sausage
• German Frankfurter
• Herman’s Liver
• Italian Hot & Mild
• Kielbasa
• Klobase
• Liverwurst - (Braunschweiger) Artificial Casing
• Liverwurst - (Braunschweiger) Natural Casing
• Louisiana Hot
• Louisiana Mild
• Old Fashioned Franks
• Polish
• Pork Sausage
• Pork Links
• Pork Sausage Roll
• Portuguese Style Sausage
• Salami
• Skinless Hot Dogs (see Beef Skinless)
• Swiss Sausage (see Bockwurst)

Bangers   Beef Franks
  Bockwurst   Bratwurst
  Garlic   Kielbasa
Louisiana Hot
  Old Fashioned


Andouille   Bangers   Beef Franks
Beef Skinless   Bratwurst   Frankfurters
- Skinless

Garlic   Louisiana Hot
Old Fashioned   Pork