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Schwarz Fine Sausage
Traditional German sausage line
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Le Pique-Nique
Our gourmet poultry line.
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Home Fine Sausage
High quality, traditional American line.
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Brooks Farms
Nutritious organic sausages.
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Leon’s BBQ
Award winning, barbeque sauces and rubs.
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From all-beef hot dogs to the finest British bangers, brats or bockwurst, Engelhart Gourmet has the right sausage for your table.

With a century of taste and three generations of
experience, Engelhart Gourmet knows sausage.

Our continued promise to you: To provide the highest quality, finest tasting sausage made in the best of San Francisco traditions.

Third-generation, family owned and operated. Engelhart Gourmet. The Taste that Sizzles.

Flavor and taste comes from a tradition of the right mixture of ingredients and spices in Small Batches. Being the newest, State of the Art sausage and hot dog facility in California does not mean we are the biggest, it just helps us deliver the best to you.